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05 :: The Open Sexual Position :: (407035 Reads)

Posted by webmaster2 on Thursday, April 07, 2005 - 03:43

The Kama Sutra recommends this sexual position because of its high level of eroticism, since her genitals get exposed for her partner's delight.
The Open Position

This one leaves no room for doubts as far as eroticism is concerned. Her genitals fully exposed promote ultimate sight for him. On the other hand, the open position isn't much to look at in terms of deep penetrative angle of sex. As her thighs in tight geometric angle will limit clitoral stimulation.

This sexual position stems from the one whose lovers lie with outstretched legs, and only then she bend hers, lifting them up she allows penetration. If legs feel rather cumbersome during act she may move on to another variation.

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