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04 :: Different Types of Kisses :: (129352 Reads)

Posted by webmaster2 on Wednesday, April 06, 2005 - 09:15

Four different types of kisses from Kama Sutra and their proper usage during the play.
Different Types of Kisses

The Straight Kiss

However frivolous might the straight kiss seem. It is by all means, a refined demonstration of affection, expressed in the Kama Sutra. There can be as important as all other variations and sometimes should it express burning passion even more passionately.
The lovers in this kissing technique, will tilt their heads slightly forward so that their lips can directly touch. Because of its angulation their tongues won't come into play, the couple nonetheless should seize advantage of the facial contact it subtlety provides.
In employing the straight kiss at the preliminaries of the initial contacts, couples will likely to heighten desire and libido in love-making.

The Bent Kiss

The bent kiss is as familiar for us westerners as bread and butter. Being as natural a way as casual in all themes kissing, enabling both lovers an intense and direct contact essentially. Most of all, the contact of tongues should bring out in both lovers demonstration of reassurance.
When the heads of both lovers bend towards each other, thus allowing a direct contact of their mouths, and when so bent, kissing takes place, it is called a "bent kiss".
Being the prime of the randy stages of love-making, the bent kiss should be gentle and intense without turning over the top.
Inasmuch as keeping salivation at bay, controlling over intensity and strength is of the essence.

The Pressed Kiss

The pressed kiss per se regarded by the sage Vatsyayana as a profoundly demonstration of affection and respect for the sex-partner. Which is effected when one of the lover's lower lip is delicately hand-held by the other consort, who ever so gently draws it closely and then by pressing firmly holds it against his lips. The contact of the tongue against the lover's skin renders it experience differential.
As regards variant, the tongue gets about barely touching the other one's lips for time being and, only then, the pressed kissing takes place at its best.

The Turned Kiss

An all out kiss for the preliminaries, for it works both ways, viz. as a demonstration of deep affection and as a sign of tenderness. When one of the partners delicately holds the other's chin and by lifting one's face draws the lips of the other closely, it is called the turned kiss.
The turned kiss likewise the plain kiss, aren't the most suitable for moments of great passion. The turned kiss fits however when lovers are mellowing in to the groove.
Whomever gets to do so will certainly appreciate and make no bones about it.

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