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02 :: Preparing the Body :: (92355 Reads)

Posted by webmaster2 on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 - 11:51

Preparing the Body

While the occidental scope perceives the human body as sinful and dirty ( many cultures still do so), of which we should be ashamed of, the Hindus however, regarded the human body as the vehicle for the spirit. Hence, we should be proud of our physical attributes, though accordingly, looking after the body inasmuch as our minds and souls, respectively. It explains most of the emphasis placed on sex by the Hindu culture of a bygone era. Otherwise, what better care than love yielded pleasure can our body receive?

Though, such emphasis on sex, therein, noticeably at Hindu temples, a laid-back perception of sex as normal as healthy, sprawls all over India. With their external walls splendidly decorated with erotic motifs, whose sculptures not only unveil nakedness, but also sex-acts as well as positions of the Kama Sutra.
The Kama Sutra dedicates to the daily routine an entire chapter in which a citizen's life style of the time is described. On which chapter, Vatsyayana describes what kind of grooming the body should receive to start the day, in order to render it ever so sexually appealing.

- Wash the teeth
- Apply ointments and smear fragrances all over the body
- Adorning the body with accessories and jewelry
- Rinsing the eyes with sweet-scented spring- water
- Painting the lips with Alacktaka ( a predecessor of our lipstick )
- Looking oneself in the mirror
- Scenting the breath with birch and other fragrances of the same purpose.

After all this pampering, the Hindu citizen would be ready to go out and about taking care of things.Remarkably, there were yet other just as important matters pending care of:

- Showering regularly on a daily basis, and washing thoroughly the arm pits
- Anointing the body with balm once every two days
- Applying while bathing a thick lather similar to modern soap every three days (daily bathing was done only with water)
- Shaving facial hair and razing body hair every 4 days time.
- Between 5 to 10 days, trimming other body parts.

All these deeds were deemed essentials:

The perfumes would receive special attention and good customs would recommend to ascertain whether personal perfume and hair scent would be of the partners' liking if anything. As seen today, personal hygiene and fragrances of a choice as key factors in flirting and wining over the love-game.

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