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02 :: Social Demeanor :: (45055 Reads)

Posted by webmaster2 on Wednesday, November 10, 2004 - 07:32

In India of the IV Century, the sexual practice only took place between partners from the same social level.
Social Demeanor
Legend has it that by the time was the Kama Sutra written, both men and women of Hindu origins had socially well established sexual roles. Men, for instance, were induce to experience sexually at large, and also to have as many sex-partners as possible. Women,on the other hand, had to remain chaste until marriage. Any one pushing the boundaries would be regarded as unacceptable as indecent for societal standards.

It comes to demonstrate that, once more, there can be more similarities rather than discrepancies between modern society and the context in which Vatsyayana wrote his piece. Such similarities remained up until a few decades ago, when by the advent of the so-called Sexual Revolution notions began to be questioned and social demeanors reevaluated. And yet, only now that the fact of becoming actively are women taking on a more aggressive approach on the flirting game, it's being maturely acknowledged by some.

Sexual Education:- Yesterday and Today

Yet, Vatsyayana came to demonstrate that sexual education was something especial in that should have been mastered by both genders with the aims of further improving each individual's sexual capability.
Following the progress of past decades, noticeably nowadays much is yet spoken, written as well as heard about sex, on the grounds that Vatsyayana's words of wisdom and intuitive assumptions were on the right track, just as are currently much en vogue for us.

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