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The Kama Sutra often regarded as a guide of some sort, a catalogue of sex positions, most of which quite impossible to achieve. Although the book actually presents a guide with several sex positions considered important by peoples of ancient Indian civilizations, as was the Kama Sutra written to be a guide of ethical and social values then. However, it wouldn’t be different, so a remnant of Kama Sutra throughout these centuries was exactly the specific part that talks about sex and sex positions.

Several sex positions presented became famous, real “classics” so to speak. Constantly people look for Kama Sutra sex positions to bring in diversity and originality to bed. In order to enable it, we tried to gather and put together the most popular and interesting sex positions from this classic on sexuality.

The Indra Women’s Position – this is a very important sex position from the Kama Sutra that emphasizes the female pleasure. The woman lies on her back bringing her legs close to the chest, while the partner penetrates her. He gently moves back and forth while she pressure her feet against his body.

The Open Wide Position – this position is as seducing and magnetic for men as it is pleasant for women. While she bends backwards, lifting her body from the bed and spreading legs wide, he penetrates her deeply. This sex position is extremely special since it leaves the clitoris exposed for being stimulated by the thrusting.

The Open Position – Many sex positions presented in the Kama Sutra are variations from each other. This famous variation of the Kama Sutra Indra Women’s position, she stretches her legs leaning on his arms or torso, proportioning even deeper penetration.

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