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Posted by webmaster2 on Mar 01, 2006 - 09:45 AM

Indian sex, apparently becoming as the most popular and recurrent fetishes
of these days. On the internet there may be increasing the number of erotic
websites specialized in posting loads of Indian sex pictures and Indian
videos of Indian beauties. The reason why Indian sex suddenly
became such an interesting subject remains uncertain.

Probably, the idea of Indian sex evokes an aura of exotic and mysterious
somehow, at the same time; the looks of the Indian women seem rather unique
if compared to average Caucasian women. In addition, Indian people and the whole
Eastern civilization had always been regarded as a highly sexually charged people.
Kama Sutra, tantric sex, exotic cuisine and dance, always present in any Indian
stories. Features, certainly add a lot of interest to fetishism.

Most of the websites available on the internet allow people to send their own
pictures, giving a more amateur approach, much appreciated by those into the
Indian sex fetish. Instead of models posing for obvious cliché
pictures, there could be found women in flesh and some of them wouldn't specifically
fit into certain notions of aesthetics of the westernized liking but the simple
fact of being Indian is appeal enough for fetishists' best interest.

On the other hand, the fetish for Indian sex has been kind of justification
for sexual exploitation of those living in the poorest regions of India and
thereabouts. And yet, there are women being compelled to picture posing or live
performance for webcam services and Indian sex movies as the way of scratching
a living. For most of them, girls found not rare under-aged on such websites.
Seemingly, the only mode of survival in such conditions, making a kind of "virtually
pimps my network" figure of speech. It's hard to determine which sites
would be trustworthy amidst hundreds of pages available, but with a zest of
good sense, Indian sex might become a rather interesting fetish.

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