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<em></em> [1]Tender lovers must pay attention to the partner's sensitive body spots. Stimulating them with the lips and the tongue, confers intensity to the act.

Kissing and Licking
The Kama Sutra holds indispensable kissing and licking some body parts in the love-game. Its treatises teach us to postpone genital contact as long as possible. Focusing on enhancement of foreplay might result in ultimate orgasm.

It works well in penetration as in any kind of contact of the sexual organs. Otherwise, the lover should dedicate to other parts of the body, as the inner thighs for instance, behind the knees, breasts and nipples, nape of the neck, ear lobes and the abdomen, which stick out as highly erogenous zones. Kissing and licking all around the genitals and shortly thereafter skipping repeatedly to another body part may prove as exciting a strategy. It's important to bear in mind that each body part requires a certain degree of intensity as far as some kind of kiss pressure or tongue contact.

To cover her body in kisses exploring with your tongue all likely erogenous spots is a great manner to pinpoint your desire. It surely will please your partner most. Since not everyone responds the same way to the same type of stimulation, keep a watchful eye for reactions whether positive or else. It leads the way to her climax well by the beaten track of pleasure.

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