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Posted by webmaster2 on May 24, 2005 - 03:41 AM

<em></em> [1] The Kama Sutra describes the "Kissing Game" as a form of amuse the couple.

The Kissing Game
Sex, love and catching up with differences, are held in the Kama Sutra in the highest regards without too harsh a connotation. As regards kissing, the sage Vatsyayana touted a lovers' game in his treatises of entertainment.

In this game a wager may be laid by either one the punters, as to which winner would get to posses the other one's lips first. If the woman loses, she should appear sad and feign to cry, and turn away from her lover, just to challenge him again saying-" let another wager be laid", shortly thereafter.

If she loses the second time she should pull a strained face looking as if doubly distress. She should await when her lover is off guard or asleep to clasp his lower lip with her teeth and laughing loudly, surprise him.

She should mock at him, deride him saying whatever she likes in a joking way, dancing about, moving her eye brows and rolling her eyes.

Absolutely, this game appears quite childish for us, but we can keep it in good terms for eventually developing sex-acts novelties.

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