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Posted by webmaster2 on May 11, 2005 - 10:08 AM

<em></em> [1]To star the love night nothing better than a hug.

Love Hugging

The Kama Sutra contemplates multiple and assorted modes of touching and caressing. All of which might take place in foreplay, during sexual intercourse or at its aftermath. Hugging is so important, deserving its own specific chapter. It was classified in eight subdivisions- of which two outlined in this very site. These in turn divided in two groups.

The first hugging group denotes "the mutual love of a man and a women who come together"

And the second one, hugs exchanged " at the moment of rendezvous".
Hugging in all its varied forms entails a multitude of meanings. From expressing tenderness to signs of hanker and lust- warmth and highly passionate-, besides providing support for the couple in all positions that call for more body closeness. Be as it may, hugging or embracing, whichever its intend, has as main characteristic- the intimacy of those who give and receive it at the same time.

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