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A Moment for Intimacy

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Posted by webmaster2 on Apr 07, 2005 - 05:38 PM

<em></em> [1] Intimacy is something we acquire with time...

A Moment for Intimacy

Currently, making up the time to dedicate to the relationship and giving special attention to the sexual life is such hard task for most couples. Time sharing between work, studies and family gets rather complicated, but necessary for a healthy relationship upkeep. Sometimes, it demands putting things on hold. Disconnecting from work commitments whenever possible. Locking up the room-door from inside can curb invasion of toddlers and might prove worthwhile.

For dedicating to a three day program based on the teachings of tantric sex calls for extreme measures. Sometimes, to get away from daily peeves and therefore fire up desire, it takes reclusion in order to keep at bay anxiety or distractions. An idyllic place engulfed in tranquility, for example, out in the woods or on a farm without neither broadcast and Internet nor other man made amenities, fits the bill. The great outdoors with landscape view, soothing and titillating stimulation- aroma, sounds, tastes-fix a light meal menu of aphrodisiacs. It surely sets the scenario for unhurriedly relaxing times.

Get involved in intimate activities. Hiking, boat trips and bike rides can pique and be relaxing at the same time. Helping to get things off mind and to keep fit for late intimate settings. Reclusiveness as such turns a three day program ideal.

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