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Posted by webmaster2 on Apr 06, 2005 - 11:05 AM

Love Positions of Kama Sutra

Many people still relate the term Kama Sutra with something erotic and exotic. In their minds positions spring as acrobatics as bizarre, so far, impossible to be performed. In general, people expect to see couples entwining in dozens of different modalities as sexual positions. As a matter of fact, The Kama Sutra entails only eight main positions. Most of it featuring a lain down woman with a man straddled on top of her.

Yet, only at the end of work, the author suggests three variations of woman on top positions. Addressing to employ them three when "a women wants to play a man's role". When her partner would be tired from energy demanding sex, so that with his permission, she could play his part. These positions could come into play to merely satisfy lover's curiosity. Back then, it was trading places at its best. As seemed previously, the Kama Sutra wasn't meant to be a text-book of erotic positions. But, it aimed to cover all aspects of sexuality comprehensibly, disregarding of sex-acts for all it cared, unlikely what people yet hold true to these days.

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