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Sowing the Seeds

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Posted by webmaster2 on Jan 06, 2005 - 12:51 PM

<em></em> [1]All the relationshio must be created and keept in an warm enviroment, were the love gets integrates to the social life.

Sowing the Seeds
The Kama Sutra teaches us to harbor new relationships, by bringing them into our social sphere up to the point of allowing us to live up all aspects of our lives, harmoniously. Therefore, without loosing our own identity at the same time. For all that, those so-called new relationships are likely to get started in a warm atmosphere which encloses the couple, so as to enable such interaction between lovers and ambiance.

Once such a relationship is established within the couples' social context, they can focus on more intimate encounters. Comparatively, such a process is by Vatsyayana described, likewise it would be, nowadays.

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