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Erogenous Zones

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Posted by webmaster2 on Nov 24, 2004 - 10:46 AM

<em></em> [1]The sexual act must always be seen as an imagination game, exploring all the body, and not only the genital area.

Erogenous Zones

It's well known that our body displays more sexually stimulating prone areas.
Of which substantially more pleasure is given off when touched, namely erogenous zones.
By the same token, our erogenous zones are the genitals, obviously. To focus on pleasure generated by our genitals alone means disregarding the myriad of sensations likely to be yielded by other body parts coming into play.

Sexually speaking, the oriental school of thought conveys that we should explore and acknowledge our erogenous zones inasmuch as our partner's. It highlights kisses and caress on well-though-out spots to say the least as in lips, the mouth's sky, the neck nape, the neck, the nipples, the buttocks cheeks, the hips, the face cheeks and some less conspicuous such as behind the knees, ears, feet, hands and the arm pits.

As the erogenous zones vary individually, a highly erogenous zone of yours may cause awkwardly discomfort in your partner if stimulated, in doing so a watchful eye on the response given being essential.
Basically, any given body part regardless of size and location might be a potentially erogenous zone, thus reaching out for it in unison is as exciting a game as finding.

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