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<em></em> [1]Kama is the adequate use of the senses, which are supported by the mind and the soul together.

The Mind Setting

As alluded to earlier, the Kama Sutra was written intending to address all aspects of eroticism and of the human sexuality. In its literally holistic approach towards sex, this book gives special attention to the biggest and if not, the most important human erogenous zone- our mind.

To the treatises accordingly, the good sex starts in our minds. Being physically and mentally stimulated is as essential as being relaxed. For all that, the Kama Sutra enlisted diverse topics which should be taken into account when lovemaking-time is due. Ranging from gentle touching to mannerisms and intentions made obviously by means of conversation.

Vatsyayana recommend us to heighten our senses to their limits, allied to our minds and spirits. Being not just physically excited, but also in love is another highly recommendable aspect.
All of which are regarded as essentials for an adequate mental preparation.

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