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<em></em> [1] Even in the IV Century, some people believed men should follow their emotions...

Getting To Know Each Other
By the time the Kama Sutra was written, the Hindu world of fourth century was a totally different culture from our own. At that time, marriages were arranged accordingly to wishes and interests, mostly financially given the subject matter, of the parties involved, . As a result, people were constantly forced to give in important spheres of a relationship as in initial courtship, when lovers are just getting to know one another, thus building intimacy and bonding.

The author Vatsyayana demonstrated being ahead of his time in declaring that-the only way to obtain prosperity in marriage would be through choosing a girl whom a man would feel affectionate for".

On the other hand, societal connotation had man always playing a dominant role in courtship and would teach him how to employ his qualities further to gain and keep confidence of his loved one. Nowadays, however it's known that such concept is only suitable if applied upon both genders.

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