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<em></em> [1] Vatsyayana describes qualities considered essential in a good lover and how to choose one.

Partner Choosing

And too, around the time Vatysyayana compiled his Kama sutra, there were spheres of abilities and skills deemed as titillating for the all round lover. Those qualities, thus, would reach beyond physical attributes and stilted bedding techniques, thus reaching as far as the know- how to keep a relationship healthy and treating a partner respectfully.

However, some of those so-called essential qualities of the time, as socially as practically, might seem somewhat peculiar to say the least, in this instance- "to be knowledgeable about stones and mines" or to know-how to play certain musical instruments alike big glass bottles filled with water. On the other hand, some aspects might seem extremely modern and worth mentioning.

To Vatysyayana, accordingly, a woman sharing the same interests of her partner was of essence in that both would appreciate the same things- likewise a woman would show the capability of- "winning minds and hearts of others" so as to conquering her chosen one successfully. Modern surveys come to endorse that-sharing common background and similar interests are paramount in the relations-success paradigm.

Another example- in the deeply stratified Hindu world of a bygone era, there only could have marriages between same caste individuals. Even though, it no longer takes place in these days and age. Understandably, the most compatible partner would theoretically be someone from our own social class.

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